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PressLogic is a data-driven media commerce company based in Hong Kong, having been founded in 2016. Our vision is to create a new media commerce ecosystem. We comprise a broad portfolio of market-leading digital media brands, boasting operation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia.

We principally utilize MediaLens developed by our founders as a strategic partnership, a data-driven analytics system combined with AI and machine learning capabilities for optimising ROI performances in various social media, to operate and build highly effective media networks in the digital world.

Across its social media accounts & websites, PressLogic accumulates over 13 million Facebook & Instagram followers and over 700 million monthly content impressions. The unprecedented fast-growing record of PressLogic has attracted the market’s attention. In 2018, PressLogic has successfully raised its Series A+ funding of USD 10 million.


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GirtStyle 女生日常 is Hong Kong's most engaging and popular online magazines exclusive for young females, featuring exceptional information about makeup & beauty care, girl’s talk, fashion trend, lifestyle and fitness health.

girlstyle-glare girlstyle-mobile

Beauty Care

Your beauty bible

Girls’ Talk

Hottest topic that
you can’t miss

Fashion Guru

Latest fashion trend
are in your control

Lifestyle Guide

All about love, travel,
eat and play

Stay Fit

Your health and fitness

holiday-glare holiday-mobile

HolidaySmart 假期日常 is the most fun and interesting online magazine for locals, sharing the best and hottest information on food, local Go-to, lifestyle, trendy products and travelling contents. More topics on special daily offers, exclusive discounts and attractive deals will be covered for our audiences. Let’s live smart, buy smart with HolidaySmart 假期日常!

All about Food

The most up to date gourmet
and restaurant guide

Local Go-to

Best places to spend your
weekends in Hong Kong

Trendy Product Reviews

Everything NEW, everything
you will be interested in!

Travel Guru

Selected choices of the
world’s adventurous spots

Hot Topics

Featuring entertainment
and popular matters

Exclusive offers

Help you to buy smart
and save more






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CEO & Founder
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